Product Features

Take a look at our functionalities.

Product Benefits

Lead time Reduction

  • Easy to use software platform for Hospital Quality Management
  • Reduce lead time for NABH certification significantly

Ongoing Sustenance

  • Easy ongoing sustenance of Hospital Quality Management system and NABH accreditation
  • Online audits, record keeping, KPI tracking, reports generation

Seamless Coordination

  • Seamless coordination between department owners, NABH Auditors, Consultants, Support staff for
  • Decision making, Monitoring

Ease of evidence collection & decision

  • Reduce paper work
  • Easy recording and management of all Evidences, Operating Practice Checks, KPI submissions by using smart phones app

Cost Reduction Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Improve frequencies of Reviews, Audits, Checks , Reporting eliminate preparatory effort
  • Quality, Risks, Issues managed effectively

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